EXVOTOS - Gold and crystal CROSS (MAKE TO ORDER)

EXVOTOS - Gold and crystal CROSS (MAKE TO ORDER)

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The Latin expression “ex voto” means “something that comes from a vow or promise”. It is when a faithful prays to a saint with an intention, and later fulfills his promise to make an offering after receiving a grace or healing.

So an ex-voto is a token of gratitude, but also a testimony of the faith of believers. With the growing devotional fervor in Europe, this custom of making offerings began to gain strength from the fourteenth century.

The wealthier classes turned to artists to create the pieces, achieving great aesthetic value. With the Spanish conquest of America, the tradition of ex-votos reached Mexico, where it grew even more and became an important part of the national popular culture.

That is why many people believe that the origin of the ex-votos is Mexican, but in reality the custom comes precisely from Italy, which was (and still is) an important place for Catholicism in the old continent. Our CROSSES are an element of faith that you can always carry with you.

Ring embroidered with crystals, Cross woven in crochet with embroidered crystals. Design by Lavativarios

Height 5cm
Width 3cm
Weight 18 grams by pair of earrings

100% handmade with high quality beads for jewelry. 

This Jewel is a #Lavativarios design.

We make only ONE of each of our pieces! The design may have variations, but always be different. We want you to feel the excitement that you have an accessory that is ¨unique¨ and made ¨JUST FOR YOU¨!



This is a Make-to-Order (MTO) product which means it has to be elaborated once you place your order. Elaboration time may vary up to two weeks (excluding delivery).

If you choose a Make-to-Order earrings, you can indicate colors and some variations that you need whenever the design allow it. If you want something exclusive, you just have to indicate it and we can create a special accessory for you.

Please contact us for further information using our Contact Us form here.